World Oil Reduction for the Gulf

A coalition for immediate global remediation of the BP Deepwater Horizon gusher

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World Oil Reduction for the Gulf

World Oil Reduction for the Gulf Resolution

It is time for the environmentally aware and all who love the Earth to unite in order to save it.  We must make immediate cuts in petroleum if we are to counteract and mitigate the quantity of oil and methane that has spewed from the catastrophic gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.  We must also begin to live as if resources in a fragile, finite world have limits. Insatiable energy demand is unsustainable in the face of increasingly difficult-to-access supplies.  In the absence of responsible leadership, the following Resolution looks to the American people and their local representatives to take action and guide a nation in understanding that the actions of each and every one of us ultimately affect all life on Earth.

Whereas the Gulf of Mexico accident involving British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig and well on April 20, 2010 is the biggest oil release in history, spewing unprecedented pollution into the environment, harming sea creatures and clean-up workers, and threatening the livelihood and health of millions of people;

Whereas the entire petroleum industry and consumption of its products are an ongoing “spill” into the global environment -- approximately 85 million barrels of oil a day – the vast gusher in the Gulf adds a spike of additional greenhouse gas emissions from oil-burning and methane into our already stressed atmosphere;

Whereas the damage caused by the BP catastrophe will be long lasting and not fully remedied by clean-up, the citizenry must take steps to counteract the damage by reducing oil consumption for Earth’s ecosystem;

Whereas people can reduce oil consumption and production in a variety of ways immediately, such behaviorcan make this oil reduction in an amount equivalent to or even exceeding the quantity assaulting the Gulf of Mexico and global environment. Means of reduction include car-pooling, bicycling, public transit, banning many disposable plastics, and ceasing purchase of foreign foods shipped long distances via oil. Closing oil rigs and refineries of the renegade corporation BP might be another rapid way to cut global pollution as well;

Whereas a “clean energy future” as a sole approach to cutting petroleum use cannot be immediate, nor on a scale relative to cheap oil, this can serve to keep putting off curtailment of fossil fuels; many people avoid slashing energy use now in hopes of sustainable energy. Renewable energy investment, while advisable, cannot be fast enough to ameliorate releases of petroleum from accidents and ongoing petroleum production.

Therefore, be it resolved:

This [city of ___ / state of ___ / national gov’t of ___ / community of ___] will commence to reduce its petroleum consumption in order to help bring about the global reduction of petroleum extraction and refining. In so doing we do our part to meet a planetary goal of counteracting the petroleum gusher in the Gulf of Mexico caused by BP and lax U.S. oversight. We hereby authorize a [committee / task force / Commission] to explore how to most quickly and thoroughly advance this Resolution. The appointed body, subject to periodic re-selection by the electorate, will hasten to gather research and recommend steps to implement measures that this [government / community] may approve, to be followed with the force of law.

Drafted by Jan Lundberg, independent oil industry analyst, Culture Change, July 10, 2010


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